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Apr ’17

Two Words for Kitchen Design: Casual Elegance

In the fast paced world of busy families and young professionals, high fashion and glamour isn’t always practical. But even if you feel like you’re rushing to and from your next appointment, you can still have a casually elegant home that reflects your personal style and makes you feel great.

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Mar ’17

Mixed Metal Design Trend Inspiration

Though functionality reigns in design trends for 2017, aesthetics are nowhere near forgotten. The versatility of using mixed metals in your kitchen design is a welcome design trend, since it can sometimes be difficult or costly to match metal tones. The finishes of appliances, such as your range and refrigerator, can be limited and choosing a unique surface can blow your kitchen renovation budget. Take advantage of the fact that kitchen hardware is available is such a vast variety of styles. The sky’s the limit when it comes to mixing and matching the metal finishes in your home renovation. Take a look at the design inspiration details that caught our eye this season.
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Feb ’17

Waterfall Countertop Inspiration

The Waterfall Countertop was mentioned in our Kitchen Design Trends for 2017 as a hot design feature. If you’re still wondering “What is a waterfall countertop?”, it’s a design feature at the end of either a kitchen island, bar, or kitchen cabinets. The countertop continues from the top, down the side, and to the floor making a beautiful clean finish. This is a great solution for high-traffic areas in your home that also provides a powerful design punch. Read More

Dec ’16

New Years Traditions around the World

No matter where you go in the world, the most treasured traditions often center around the kitchen, and eating great food with people you love. This is certainly the case when it comes to New Year’s traditions. In New Orleans kitchens, you’ll find families gathering around meals of pork, greens or cabbage, and black eyes peas. Others forgo pork for the more decadent raw oysters and champagne.

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Dec ’16

Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

2017 is shaping up to be a great year for kitchen design. Legend Interiors owner, Michael Baudin, sat down with interior designer and long time collaborator, Nicole Ruppel Jones to talk about design trends for 2017. Read More

Dec ’15


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Dec ’12

8 Great Kitchen Cabinet Color Palettes

If you like the layout of your existing kitchen and your cabinets are in good shape, painting them can be a smart way to go. Another budget-friendly route is to purchase and install new cabinet boxes (or “carcasses,” as I’ve heard them called fondly) from a retailer such as Ikea, and then hire a finish carpenter to make door and drawer fronts you can paint yourself or have painted professionally. With custom-painted fronts, nobody will know your cabinets came from a big box retailer. Read More

Dec ’12

Find the Right Cooktop for Your Kitchen

When designing the work areas in your kitchen, having a cooktop that is separate from your oven or ovens allows for greater flexibility. Choosing the right cooktop takes some research, though. Gas and electric have long been the two standard offerings, and while traditional gas cooktops remain a popular choice, you may want to look beyond them and the familiar electric coil option and consider induction or radiant heat. You can also look for different sizes, from compact 30-inch ranges to ones that are 48 inches or larger, as well as different bells and whistles. Finally, you can even install individual modular cooktops that allow you to customize your setup or create a separate area for steaming food or cooking with a wok. Read More