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Two Words for Kitchen Design: Casual Elegance

In the fast paced world of busy families and young professionals, high fashion and glamour isn’t always practical. But even if you feel like you’re rushing to and from your next appointment, you can still have a casually elegant home that reflects your personal style and makes you feel great.

The best kitchen renovations reflect the homeowners personal taste and cater to their unique lifestyle. A good kitchen design incorporates your daily routine into plans to make sure that your space helps make your life easier. The casual elegance trend is surfacing in every area of design – from fashion that moves from the gym to the office, to kitchens that can cope with hectic lifestyles without sacrificing style. When it comes to your kitchen remodel, casual elegance can mean incorporating a balance of high-end pieces and utilitarian features in your design.

Want to add an elegant touch to your new kitchen renovation? Invest in naturally beautiful Granite or modern Quartz countertops for your kitchen island or peninsula, then add some fun design elements on top. Here are a few favorites to add to new kitchen remodel: 

  • Incorporate custom lighting in mixed metal finishes
  • Splurge on quality kitchen appliances
  • Add sleek acrylic or metal seating

Photo courtesy of NANO LLC

The dining room is another place where formality is being replaced with casual elegance. Five star cuisine served al di fuori or at the counter has become a commonplace meal time practice. With a 9 to 5 and family & social obligations, foregoing formal meals in favor of gathering around a beautiful kitchen island helps cut another item from that oh-so-long “to-do” list.

Kitchen designer and Legend Interiors owner Michael Baudin says,

“Gathering around a beautifully finished island or bar is just easier and works better with modern lifestyles. This is one of our kitchen design trends that is here to stay.”

Kitchen Island Design Inspiration for the Modern Family

Legend Interiors was proud to work with the architects at NANO LLC on a home renovation in Old Metairie and Schmidt Homes on a Jax Brewery renovation to provide a clean and elegant kitchen designs. The inspiration gallery below features examples of Casual Elegance in action from both renovations.

Contact us today to see how a Kitchen Island can transform your kitchen design remodel into an casual elegant dining experience.