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Waterfall Countertop Inspiration

The Waterfall Countertop was mentioned in our Kitchen Design Trends for 2017 as a hot design feature. If you’re still wondering “What is a waterfall countertop?”, it’s a design feature at the end of either a kitchen island, bar, or kitchen cabinets. The countertop continues from the top, down the side, and to the floor making a beautiful clean finish. This is a great solution for high-traffic areas in your home that also provides a powerful design punch. The kitchen island has transformed casual dining into an elegant experience for family dinners and entertaining. 

Kitchen designer and Legend Interiors owner Michael Baudin says,

“Modern lifestyles leave less time for families sitting down to dinner together, but families can still come together around a beautiful and functional kitchen island. It’s just easier and works better with for today’s busy families.”

Durability and Style with Waterfall Countertops

Cambria USA is the only family-owned, American-made producer of high quality natural quartz surfaces. Legend Interiors is proud to provide their natural quartz countertops to homeowners in New Orleans, Metairie, and surrounding areas. Take a look at some of their quartz waterfall countertops in the gallery below.

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